So why are we organizing this event?

We as an organization want to help early entrepreneurs to succeed and raise the awareness of entrepreneurship. Finland is among the most promising startup countries. Working in a startup is considered a great alternative and we have one of the best communities around it, yet the path to entrepreneurship and eventually starting a startup is unclear and inadequately supported. Our mission is to bring students, startups, entrepreneurship societies and other key players together so that networks can be grown and taken advantage of. This is not only to raise the amount of startups but to help Finnish economy to thrive.

What happens in our one-day event?

Our demo area is where startups and companies represent their newest innovations and make connections. For the most motivated we offer workshops where we educate them about entrepreneurship and other relevant skills. At pitching stage ecosystem players represent their input and ideas as well as companies promoting what they do and most importantly why. Evening wraps up in inspiring stage show and afterparty where teachings of the day is further discussed and reflected.

What’s in it for partners and startups?

FallUp offers a perfect opportunity for companies to get to know potential employees, to search for future talents and to showcase one’s business. Our event will be filled with ambitious and motivated students with different skills, education and backgrounds. Whether you are searching for business students to join your finance team, engineers to create new innovations or communication students to run your social media accounts, FallUp is a perfect event for you to attend. Or would you like to showcase your company to the right people, people who are the future employees, decision makers and entrepreneurs?

We would like to discuss what could be your role in this event. What thoughts do you have about this event now? Should we book a meeting to discuss this more in detail and find the best solutions for you?

Henri Kämäräinen
Head of Partnerships
+358 505 731 776