Why are we organizing this event?

We want to raise awareness of entrepreneurship as a potential career option and help students in the early stage of their entrepreneurial journey to thrive and succeed. Working in a startup is truly a great alternative and we have one of the best communities around it, yet the path to the world of entrepreneurship is unclear to many and inadequately supported. Our mission is to bring talented students, promising startups, entrepreneurship societies and other key players together so that important connections can be made and useful networks can be grown. On a much bigger scale this all helps the Finnish economy to thrive.

What happens in our two-day event?

For the first time ever the event is held for two days instead of one to provide a more intimate and diverse experience for the participants. On the first day FallUp brings together startups and all business-minded students to bond and connect and on the second day future technological and design talents are gathered together to share the innovational aspects of entrepreneurship.
Both evenings wrap up in an inspiring stage show with spectacular speakers and the whole event culminates in a grand afterparty on Thursday, where teachings can be further discussed and reflected on with all the other participants.

So what’s in it for partners and startups?

FallUp offers a perfect opportunity for companies to get to know potential employees,to search for future talents and to showcase one’s business. Our event will be filled with ambitious and motivated students with different skills, education and backgrounds. So whether you are searching for business students to join your finance team, engineers to create new innovations or service design students to visualize your website, FallUp is the perfect event for you to attend. You will get a chance to showcase your company to the right people,people who are the future employees, decision makers and entrepreneurs.

what could be your role in this event?
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Head of Partnerships
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Partnerships Manager
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